ISPAN Announces the ACIST
Assessment Cosmetic Injection Safety Tool

ISPAN is aware that various FDA approved dermal fillers have differing properties, related risk profiles, and injection constraints. ISPAN also knows that there is a potential for adverse events with all dermal fillers. Moreover, we recognize:

  • Most adverse events (AEs) are minor and temporary, such as swelling and bruising
  • Serious adverse events are rare, and most are avoidable with proper planning and technique
  • Patient selection should be a meticulous consideration that can minimize the occurrence of AEs
  • Strong knowledge of initial signs of a complication and preemptive management can decrease the impact of the AE
  • Choosing suitable individuals, or more critically important, not providing treatment to unsuitable patients, is essential in the initial consultation during the assessment phase to avoid complications with dermal fillers
  • Certain disease states and drug groups may reveal underlying conditions that can predispose an individual to an adverse event.
  • Determining the patient's medications and health history of your patient should be a primary step in your initial consultation
  • The provider must be knowledgeable and make a comprehensive evaluation prior to the cosmetic injection treatment

With best practices in mind, the ISPAN mission is based on promoting the competency and education of our members. Therefore, ISPAN is pleased to provide its members with a standardized pre-injection safety tool - the ACIST!

This pre-injection assessment tool has been designed specifically to assist cosmetic injectors in evaluating patients prior to the cosmetic treatment and decrease the potential for dermal filler adverse events to achieve optimal safe patient outcomes.

For more information on the ACIST and how to implement it into your cosmetic practice, simply log onto the Members Only Area!