International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN)
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PSNF Scholarship Awardees

Kerri Holloway, CRNP, CANS

Kerri Holloway, CRNP, CANS The International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses is a phenomenal resource. Aesthetics is a unique field and can be very intimidating. In nursing school and post graduate studies we are exposed to a lot of specialties, but aesthetics is not routinely one of them. I am a nurse practitioner and I work in a plastic surgery office where I see both medical and aesthetic patients. I was excited when I learned about ISPAN, I finally found a group of peers that I could connect with and share experiences. I attended my first ISPAN conference in 2017 and learned about the Plastic Surgical Nurse Foundation. It was at my first ISPAN meeting that I decided I wanted to obtain Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. I knew my certification would support my reputation as an aesthetic provider and would encourage me to continue my educational journey. We are never done learning in the field of nursing.

Last fall, I received the CANS Review Course Scholarship. The review course was wonderful. It gave me the opportunity to review certification material among peers with all levels of experience. The review course helped me obtain my certification and reinforced my confidence in my daily practice. It also allowed me an opportunity to go into depth about the topics found on the certification exam and exchange dialogue with the instructor and my colleagues.

Nursing certification is important. It is important for our careers and it is important to our patients. There is a lot of information on the internet, especially about aesthetics. Being a certified nurse instills trust to our patients so that they know they are getting the best care. It also strengthens our profession, it shows that we stand together and we value what we do.

I benefited both personally and professionally from the receiving the CANS Review Course Scholarship. I will continue to support ISPAN and PSNF. The organizations strengthen our professional practice and I am forever grateful to be a part of the mission.

Sharon Ann Van Wicklin, PhD, RN, CNOR, CRNFA(E), CPSN-R, PLNC, FAAN, ISPAN-F

Sharon Ann Van Wicklin, PhD, RN, CNOR, CRNFA(E), CPSN-R, PLNC, FAAN, ISPAN-F I was so very honored to be selected as one of the recipients of the 2018 Plastic Surgical Nursing Foundation Career Development Awards. As a result of receiving this award, I was able to attend ISPAN 2018–The Meeting held from September 27 through October 1 at the Westin River North Hotel in Chicago, IL. Although I have been a member of ISPAN for many years, I had never been able to attend the annual meeting of our great Society. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety and content of the numerous educational sessions provided during the meeting! It was wonderful to just be able to sit and soak up the aesthetic and plastic surgical knowledge and expertise provided by the presenters. The poster presentations were very interesting. Receiving those continuing education credits was pretty nice, too! I had a great time visiting with the exhibitors and learning about the various products on display. I also had the opportunity to network with ISPAN members and to meet face to face with colleagues I had previously only met online while working together on committees or reading the ISPAN Members Only Facebook page. While attending the meeting, I was humbled to receive the ISPAN-F credential, a fellowship considered to be one of the highest distinctions awarded by our Society.

One additional benefit of attending the meeting and developing my career was that it helped prepare me to step into the role of editor-in-chief of Plastic Surgical Nursing, the official journal of ISPAN. I attended the annual Plastic Surgical Nursing editorial board meeting and met with the board members. I had the opportunity to meet with Tracey Hotta, the previous editor-in-chief and to spend time with her reviewing and learning important aspects of this new role. Participating in each of these activities helped me to better understand and be more prepared to meet the requirements of this notable position.

Seeing how our Society conducts business, recognizes contributing members, and installs its officers gave me a renewed sense of professional pride, not only for our amazing organization and its leaders, but for the unique and very special work that we do as plastic and aesthetic nurses. Attending the meeting was a fantastic experience. I would highly encourage all ISPAN members to attend if at all possible. You will not be disappointed. This year’s meeting will be held on September 20 through September 23 at the Hard Rock Café in San Diego, CA. Now, let me ask you, what’s not to like about San Diego?

Let me once again express my sincere appreciation to the Plastic Surgical Nursing Foundation for receipt of the Career Development Award and for their dedication to supporting nurses who share the passion and specialized knowledge of plastic and aesthetic nursing.

Maria Gagliardi, CANS

Maria Gagliardi, CANS I was fortunate to have been chosen as a recipient of ISPAN 2018 Career Development Award. This grant gave me full complimentary registration to the ISPAN meeting in Chicago, from Sept 27-Oct 1. Attending the meeting was a great experience both professionally, and personally. There were so many well respected, and well informed practitioners contributing and advancing Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing. I have been lucky to have been personally trained by some of these amazing mentors and leaders throughout my career. If it wasn’t for these pioneers, Aesthetic Nursing would not be what it is today. In the digital age of social media, it has become easy to follow what others are doing in practice, while staying virtually connected. I have admired so many other practitioners from across the country and internationally, in my home city of Boston, MA U.S.A. It was awesome to meet colleagues and connect in the real world. The sense of community and collaboration was palpable. Everyone who presented was very gracious and happy to share their knowledge as well as their personality. What I took back to my practice was additional tools, and resources including; algorithms for filler complications, adding PRP and PRF to my services; thank-you Geri Obi, this was my take away to offer something new in practice! As well as a Facial Anatomy: Considerations for Aesthetic Providers poster, expertly and creatively designed by Connie Brennan. This visual tool is posted in my office, which I refer to regularly for patient education. The hands on cadaver workshop taught by Julie Bass Kaplan, and Jory Kaplan reinforced knowledge of anatomy of the underlying facial structures critical for aesthetic injectors, as well as proper injection depth. This workshop was very well presented with much respect and dignity to those who so generously have donated themselves post mortem to science, for the learning of others and advancing of safer practice. The ISPAN meeting was a great opportunity to network and meet peers, learn from each other, and bring awareness to many issues in aesthetic practice and the world in which we live today. There were many educational tracks throughout each day. My only dilemma was when I wanted to attend both educational sessions that were happening simultaneously. Many innovative injectable techniques were discussed and case studies presented. I came home with lots of notes and new information. The meeting was informative, exciting, and inspiring. I feel privileged to belong to such a great organization, filled with such heart, diversity, and integrity. I am grateful for the opportunities ISPAN has given me and I look forward to future meetings and growth within this organization. This is an exciting time for Aesthetic Nursing, and the future is bright with this growing field. Thank-you for the wonderful experience!

Jenny Cajucom, RN, BScN, BA, CANS

Jenny Cajucom, RN, BScN, BA, CANS Last year at the 2018 ISPAN meeting in Chicago, I was a recipient of the Career Development Award by the Plastic Surgical Nurses Foundation (PSNF) and the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses (ISPAN).

As the recipient of the Career Development Award and grant, I was provided an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, while benefitting and improving my aesthetic nursing practice. I was able to attend the sold-out cadaver lab lead by one of the most experienced and well-respected nurse injectors in our field, Julie Bass-Kaplan. As a nurse injector, we are forever a student of anatomy and with the constant change in both technique and pharmaceuticals, we always need to stay on top of the learning curve. This has made me more competent in my injectable practice by being able to see what lies beneath our skin and to avoid and recognize potential complications. Learning from other nurses’ experience and techniques with neuromodulators and fillers made me a better nurse and I am constantly trying to grow my knowledge base, so I can provide the most up to date solutions for my patients.

The grant also allowed me to spend time with other nurse professionals who share my passion for this industry and the new relationships I made and comradery of old friends who were there, reminded me of why I Iove what I do and the people who do it with me. It is more than just my patients; it is this amazing fraternity of people who care and make people smile every day. It is an amazing journey for me and I look forward to this year’s meeting.

Hope to see you all in San Diego!

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