International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

ISPAN 2018 –
The Meeting

September 27 -
October 1, 2018
Westin River North
Chicago, Illinois

Aurelie Alger
Executive Director
Crystal Beatrice
Meeting Manager
Anthony Golia
Meeting Coordinator
Heather MacLean
Yvonne Grunebaum
Director of Industry Relations

PSN Journal

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May 2018

Georgia Elmassian, MSN, MA, APRN, CPSN, CFLE

With spring, comes thoughts of leadership and the ISPAN Board positions that will open this fall. While the positions will not commence until fall, we have a current duty to think about membership engagement. Therefore, with leadership and engagement in mind, let us focus on what leadership is. More


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Kathleen Mortl RN, CPSN, CANS

Personally being a nurse is… , not the following statement, "I am just a nurse." I started catching myself saying this to complete strangers to friends and family a few years back. Hey wait a minute, why do I sound so low or less worthy from other professions. I bet some of you are saying to yourselves I did say that too. More


SPF stands for "Sun Protection Factor," but most of us say simply "sunscreen." Hopefully, everyone is using sunscreen daily and especially when outside working or playing. We find sunscreen and or their additives on shelves in every aisle in the drug or department store – many are found in our retail spaces in our offices. Read the labels – one can see it is found in many products like lotions, makeups, facial cream. Oh, and in the products meant to protect you from the sun, SPF's aka "sunscreen." More

SSPC Update

Ginger Mars, RN, MSN, NP-c, CCRN, CPSN
Chair, SSPC

I am happy to announce that the 2018 educational program is set and is now available online on the ISPAN website. With the hard work and dedication of the SSPC, led by Surgical Chair Nicole Kelley and Non-Surgical Chair Connie Brennan, this year's program will be chock-full of MANY learning opportunities including hands-on workshops. Hotel registration at the Westin River North is also open. Start talking about the conference to your colleagues and friends, encourage attendance and membership. Like to teach? Want to get involved? Have the knowledge to share? ISPAN is looking for people to join the planning committee for 2019.

I look forward to welcoming you to Chicago! Happy Spring!


Connie Brennan

What is hemosiderin staining? Hemosiderin staining is sometimes evident post bruising after aesthetic injectables... More


Kristi Elliott, RN, FNP-C, CPSN

I am not good at dermatology. If it is not something on the skin that I can peel, laser, or inject, I am not crazy about treating it. My limited derm skills have been put to the test lately with multiple calls about rashes. Each time I see and solve one I feel a little like a detective. Two that stand out to me turned out to be photosensitive reactions. Following the flooding we experienced with Hurricane Harvey we have had several patients with rare infections who are being treated either with long-term antibiotic therapy or medications that we do not regularly use in plastics... More


Teresa Barroca, MSN, RN, CPSN

Many of you are familiar with preparing for an accreditation survey. Whether it is AAAASF, AAAHC or the JC, it is always a stressful time for any facility. As a manager who has been through decades of surveys with various accreditation agencies, and as a trained AAAAASF inspector, I have found accreditation preparation to be team-building, morale-boosting and educational. However, let's face it. It is also anxiety-provoking too! More



When using a medical device such as a dermal filler, how can the liability for medical malpractice be minimized or avoided if there is a complication or an adverse event (AE) for the off-label use when treating a patient? More


Abbey Helton, CPSN, CANS
Director, PSNCB

I view our specialty as one of exceptional quality. Certification for both the Aesthetic and Reconstructive nurse are available and confirms our professionalism, education, and commitment to our practices and patients. I would love to see every plastic surgery nurse reach out and obtain these certifications as part of the high standard we set for ourselves and our specialty. More

PSNF Corner

The PSNF is dedicated to supporting collaboration and practice excellence among nurses who share the passion and specialized knowledge for plastic surgery. Over the past four decades, the ISPAN has continued to evolve and provide continuing education, research opportunities, international recognition, and professional camaraderie for plastic and aesthetic nurses. To strengthen the position and the voice for plastic and aesthetic nursing, the ISPAN realizes the importance of specialty recognition. The PSNF has developed a grant program for continuing education, and at the 2017 meeting in Orlando, the ISPAN recognized two outstanding individuals for contributions to our field. Michele McCullough and Svetlana Krupnik have shared with the membership how the PSNF scholarship has helped them in their field. The ISPAN and the PSNF encourage members to apply online:


Michele McCullough RN, CPSN Michele McCullough RN, CPSN
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, MA
Svetlana Krupnik RN, CPSN, RNC-MN, CBC Svetlana Krupnik RN, CPSN, RNC-MN, CBC
NorthShore University HealthSystem
Wheeling, IL

New Members

Erin Alouf - Alouf Aesthetics
Elizabeth Archual - UVA Medical Center
Jenny Atkins
Robert Barrett - Vita Eterna
Michelle Barringer - N/A
Stephanie Brown - RGV Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center
Jacqueline Carr - Aesthetic Medispa of West County
Tara Collins - Tower Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Darlene Comstock - Mobile Plastic and Reconstructive Surger
Sarah Ellis - Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surg
Marybeth Gabriel - N/A
Melissa Gorz - Emory Aesthetic Center
Melanie Graves - Sentara RMH
Aliesha Greco - pure glo
Hilary Greening - Hennepin County Medical Center
Dorinda Gresen - Deux Rose' Beauty Refinery
Albina Guzman - Wellness Med Art
Kristen Hanenian - Elite Medical
Melissa Hughes - Sier Medical Spa
Sheri Jennings - Body Medspa
Lara Jordan
Angela Kane
Rose Laczny
Jamie LaRue - Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
PK Logan - Skin Savvy
Diane Malone - ALC MEDSPA
Devin Mazzara - Zuckerman Plastic Surgery
Lynn Mccormick-Dunagan - Penninsula Plastic Surgery Center
Kay Mccunis - beYOUtiful Anti-Aging Studio
Meagan McFarland - Reflect Medical Aesthetics
Kati Montoya - LTSYI, LLC
Candace Moore - Complexion Med Spa
Shelly Moran - Houston Methodist Hospital
Christina Peredo - UC Health
Dana Prieto - The Swan Center
Lisa Reichner - Spa Administrator
Stacey Riffe - Stacey Riffe
Lauren Rosa - NYU Plastic Surgery Associates
Elizabeth Rosenberg - Lizzie Rosenberg Consulting
Jennifer Salerno - Skin Savvy Medical Spa
Emily Schultz - The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Lauren Shanker - Rejuvenation NYC
Molly Shea - Laser Clinique
Kristy Ray Sheehan - Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery
Jenna Sicilian - Skin laundry
Jaclyn Soltys - Robert Zubowski Center for Plastic Surgery
Sara Stafford - Meredith Bay Laser & Skin Care Center
Molly Steahly - Kirby Plastic Surgery
Nicol Stevens - Madrona Medical Spa/Pearl Plastic Surgery
Jacklyn Sudetic - Dr. Philip Solomon Nasal and Facial Surgery Centre
Jessica Tambre - Mercy Regional Medical Center
Aundrea Trevors - Truro Medi spa
Cindy Wagner - Silverton Medical Spa
Vanessa Walker - Elliot Health System
Jaclyn Walsh - Jackie’s Injectables LLC
Jennifer Yniguez - Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery
Melissa Zapinski - Stutz Dermatology
Laura Zimmerman - ZL Medaesthetics