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February, 2016
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses


Happy New Year!!
I certainly hope everyone had wonderful and prosperous holidays. Now that the holidays are behind us, we look forward to yet another prosperous year for ISPAN. More


What is the current base salary range for Plastic Surgical Nurses?
What impact does having a specialty nursing certification have on your salary? Find out here.

Test Your Knowledge:
Which of the following statements about syndactyly is FALSE? Syndactyly is:
A. Failure to differentiate
B. The most common congenital hand anomaly
C. Repaired at birth to ensure good motor development
D. Attachment of digits by soft tissue and may involve bone

Brooke Binkowski
Journalist and Researcher

President Obama has signed a bill that will outlaw use of the tiny spherical beads in beauty and personal care products. Companies that manufacture toothpaste and face and body washes that contain the scrubbers will begin phasing out the beads by mid-2017. The ban begins in earnest in 2018. More


Amanda Bailey, ACNP-BC, CWS, CPSN

Our members completed a survey about not only themselves but the practices where they work. Have you seen the results? Typical response rates for internal surveys hover around 30-40% but our turn out was just below the average at 25%. We asked our members about their education, where they work, relevance of the articles in the journal to their practice, and what educational offerings our members would like to see more of during future conventions. More

Test Your Knowledge:
Preoperative assessment of patients with hand injuries should include:
A. Treatment since date of injury or onset of problem
B. Determination of hand dominance and previous injuries
C. Comparison of findings in affected hand with unaffected hand
D. All of the above


Kathleen Mortl, RN, CPSN, CANS

Hello colleagues,

My hope and wishes for you is that we had a healthy and happy holiday season. Now the bitter cold, dark days of winter are trudging along and we can use this time to seriously look at becoming certified. Start reading the core book a chapter a week and test yourself. More


Linda Duffy, RN, CPSN, CPN

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Test Your Knowledge:
G. T. is a 70-year olf woman who fell on the ice and fractured her left wrist. The physician's assessment is confirmed by Allen's test diminished blood supply to the radial aspect of the hand. What does this indicate?
A. G. T.'s radial artery is occluded
B. G. T.'s ulnar artery is occluded
C. Both the ulnar and radial arteries are occluded
D. Either artery may be occluded; the test is inconclusive


Katie Soso, CPSN

My brother died when he was 14 years old. He did not have a pulse and he was not breathing. The reason that we will be celebrating his 31st birthday with his wife and daughter this year is because two bystanders acted quickly and performed high-quality CPR. More


Kristi Elliott, RN, FNP-C, CPSN

One of the fun things about working in plastic surgery is getting to try the latest and greatest products as soon as they come out. I've always been hesitant to try new products and technologies on my patients. I like to wait and see what complications and results show up after being used for a while. More

Test Your Knowledge:
Which of the following statements about use of a pneumatic tourniquet if FALSE?
A. Notify the physician before the ischemic time reaches the limit of 3 hr
B. Prevent prep solutions from soaking into the padding to prevent chemical burns
C. Wrap the arm with wrinkle-free padding before the application of the tourniquet cuff
D. Release the tourniquet slowly


Amy Israelian, ANP-BC, CPSN
Director PSNCB

Happy New Year!
The PSNCB wishes to congratulate the all of the newly certified nurses from 2015. Congratulations on this achievement! More


Haley Wood, WHNP, CPSN, CANS
SSPC Chair

Mark your calendars! The 13th Annual Aesthetic Symposium at Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas will take place April 2-7, 2016. We are teaming up with our ASAPS friends to provide a full day of aesthetic content on Saturday, April 2, specifically designed to meet aesthetic surgical and nonsurgical nursing education needs. More

Test Your Knowledge:
Following replantation of a thumb, which of the following symptoms 2 hr after surgery would indicate a decrease in circulation to the hand?
A. Numbness of the hand
B. Pink color of the fingers
C. Inability to move fingers
D. Capillary refill at 7 seconds


13th Annual Aesthetic Symposium

Preliminary Program Now Available

April 2-3, 2016
Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada


42nd Annual Convention

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September 23-26, 2016
Omni Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

13th Annual Aesthetic Symposium
April 2-3, 2016
Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada

42nd Annual Convention
September 23-26, 2016
Omni Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

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