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January - February, 2015
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Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had wonderful and prosperous holidays.

Your ISPAN President and Board of Directors have been and continue to be busy planning for a bountiful year of continued growth and prosperity. During our Board of Directors meeting held in Chicago at the conference, time was spent discussing and brainstorming a strategic plan that will take ISPAN into the future and encourage and promote recognition as a leader in plastic surgical and aesthetic nursing. To facilitate meeting these goals and further the mission of ISPAN, your Board made the executive decision that it was time to get the input for new directions and refreshing ideas in achieving and growing our strategic plan from a professional. We have a strategic planning session scheduled in March with a professional strategic planner. We anticipate this event with much optimism and enthusiasm and look for this to be a fruitful endeavor that will promote growth and stability in our community of Plastic Surgical Nurses.

I hope each of you have had the opportunity to view the position statements that have been completed and posted on our website under resources. A position statement is an explanation, a justification or a recommendation for a course of action that reflects ISPAN’s stance regarding a specific concern and/or issue. The clinical practice committee members have been hard at work and have completed two position statements, tobacco use and sunscreen. The statements for injectables, evidence based practice, use of lasers and certification are under development. Also being considered are social media, obesity, ethical considerations, garments and tissue expansion. The committee would welcome any input.

If you didn't notice, above I referred to our members as "our" community. I attended the Fall Summit of the National Organizations Alliance (NOA), also known as the Alliance, of which ISPAN is a member. The purpose of the Alliance is to provide a forum for identification, education and collaboration building on issues of common interest to advance the nursing profession. Membership in the Alliance is open to any nursing organization whose focus is to address current and emerging nursing and health care issues. There I heard the term "community" not only once but several times. The terms of membership or members have been replaced with the term community.

I was intrigued and began to think of community and what it means to me. According to one Webster definition, community means a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society ( But that didn't really describe to me exactly what community means. I found another definition, "self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources" ( But still this definition leaves out what I remember most, the sense of belonging, caring, dedication and working together and that sense of closeness that community implies. Community encompassed the "good, bad and ugly" of our lives. To me, this also included my church, family, and school communities. Yes, I look at my ISPAN community in the same way. This is my professional community. Maybe the working together part is well incorporated into the previous definition.

As a professional plastic surgical nurse, ISPAN is my community of colleagues. Community fosters the sense of fitting in and being a part of something larger than my practice. This is where I can get problems solved, pick the brains of my colleagues and facilitate good patient outcomes. I have cultivated some of my most precious friendships through this organization and find that we genuinely care about each other. This is "community". Our personal contact with each other may be infrequent but these friendships are nurtured continuously. This also solidifies that feeling of community. Dedication goes without saying. Joining an organization is no longer an obligation. We join because we want to and because we are dedicated to our nursing specialty and our professional community. We are dedicated to the ISPAN as that community Albert Einstein once said, "Nothing truly valuable can be achieved except by the unselfish cooperation of many individuals".

The community of ISPAN can accomplish more together with unselfish cooperation collectively than each individual and our 40-year history can attest to this. I want to challenge each of you to change your culture and think of ISPAN as your professional community with those feelings of dedication, caring, belonging and working together toward the mission of ISPAN: to employ education and research to promote practice excellence, nursing leadership, optimal patient safety, and outcomes by using evidence-based practice as a foundation of care. Who can do this better than our community of plastic surgical nurses through the ISPAN?

We look forward to a full and exciting year. We thank you for your continued support of your ISPAN "community".

Respectfully submitted

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