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January - February, 2015
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Christian Howell, RN, CPSN

Most great boards share common traits and qualities that enable them to lead their groups creatively, and effectively. The members of an ideal board of directors:

  • Share a passion for and commitment to the ISPAN mission.
  • Are willing to roll up their sleeves when necessary to help with the practical work and ask the difficult questions.
  • Have strong ties to the plastic surgery and aesthetic market.
  • Are diverse--in age, race, occupation, skills and background.
  • Are willing to support efforts to continue education in this specialty field of plastic surgery and help our members grow both professionally.

The Board members of the ISPAN value our members and we want their honest input on what they value in an organization. This year at the annual ISPAN Convention held in Chicago we held an informal meet and greet and did just that. Several ISPAN members were randomly chosen to sit down with their Board of Directors and discuss ways to better meet its members needs. We asked them for their ideas on a various amount of topics ranging from how to grow our membership to such things as what workshops would they be interested in attending. This hour long session was informative and energizing.

As board members of ISPAN, we realized that we want to meet our members needs, and in order to do that we need to be more accessible to our members. We happily encourage all of our members to reach out to any of us at anytime if you have a question, concern, or maybe a new idea you would like to share. Communication, cooperations and collaborations will be critical for the continued success of this society and its mission. If all of the society's constituencies can function in this manner, I look forward to a strong future for our specialty.

Christian Howell, RN CPSN
Director ISPAN
Nurse Clinician & Cosmetic Nurse Injector
Columbia Facial Plastic Surgery.

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