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January - February, 2015
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Amanda Bailey, ACNP-BC, CWS, CPSN

The International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses had a fabulous meeting in Chicago but before we leave that meeting completely, I wanted to take a chance to address our members and attendees comments and concerns expressed in the survey for the meeting. It is customary to ask attendees to complete an overall survey on the meeting and the Board and Planning Committee have carefully reviewed comments expressed this year. No doubt the meeting was enjoyed by most and found to be valuable but when there are issues, we want everyone to know and consideration of changes are made or sometimes not... But why? I am taking the opportunity to discuss the "why not" part of our meeting. Much of the "why not" comes down to finances.

For instance, why are there not snacks all day, coffee services all day, hot breakfast foods, and longer breakfast hours? We have a budget that allows for the breakfast food and the coffee but the expense of having snacks all day is not possible financially. We must have a food and beverage minimum per the hotel requirements in order to have space; meaning we must spend a certain amount on food but after the minimum is met, there really is not much wiggle room to spend more in the budget. The cost accumulates exponentially when hot foods and longer services are added. Hot food being an obvious cost when you consider the money spent to prepare those foods. Not so obvious is the staff to not only prepare hot foods but staff to man those tables. We pay those employees to run those breakfast and coffee break stations so having them tack on another hour at breakfast or to run coffee/snack service all day would bankrupt the ISPAN. Consider bringing snack bars in your luggage so you will have a snack available to you if need be. Also, think about bringing your own water container or coffee mug so you can fill up your cup at breakfast and the subsequent breaks.

There are many concerns about lack of collaboration or perceived lack of working with the surgeons when our meeting is technically separate from their meeting. The convention center where the surgeon's meeting is held is packed without any regularly occurring space for our lectures. We are essentially without an option and must hold our meeting at a separate venue. But why is the hotel we choose so far way? The surgeon's typically hold space at multiple hotels around the convention center thereby occupying any space we may have used to house the nursing meeting ultimately pushing us to search out other locations. The remaining hotel locations nightly rates are often times exorbitant for our members resulting in a location that may seem remote at times but fits our member's budget. We know the ISPAN attendees would prefer to have the meetings in the same location but this is not possible. The Board of Directors will revisit this issue with ASPS, but as previously mentioned, space can be the limiting problem. It would have to be a financially sound decision to ISPAN for that to ever come to fruition.

Have the exhibits all be located in the same place. Did you know that having exhibitors at our location is actually a benefit and these companies pay extra to be in the ISPAN convention hotel? This added revenue helps the ISPAN remain in the black. The same vendors at the hotel with the nurse meeting are also at the exhibit hall at the surgeon's meeting. Not all the nurses desire to attend the large exhibit hall so we try to offer many of the vendors the opportunity to have a smaller more dedicated booth with the nurses. ISPAN does not benefit financially from the Vender's at the surgeon's exhibit hall.

The board is pleased with the survey feedback and excited to have another successful convention under our belts. We look forward to the next meeting and providing another fantastic educational opportunity.

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