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October - November, 2015
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

ISPAN Conventions – What Goes Into Planning?
We are counting the days until our 41st Annual Convention in Boston! The Board of Directors along with the Scientific Sessions Planning Committee look forward to welcoming those that are able to celebrate this meeting with us.

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For those that are able to join us, we hope it will be helpful to include some planning information that often times is not made public that we hope will add to your experience while attending the ISPAN Convention.

The ISPAN holds our convention at the time of the ASPS Plastic Surgery Meeting to allow for our members to have the optimal conditions to attend. The ISPAN convention is not run by the ASPS and has completely separate management. As a benefit to our members, we do allow a break in programming Monday afternoon to allow you to visit the convention center since we understand many of you have this as an expectation from your office. ASPS provides our members with complimentary badges to enjoy the exhibit hall during that time as well as lunch on this day. The ISPAN Convention has established a growing exhibit hall. This year we have 18 companies. These companies are here for YOU and we've found that convention evaluations provide commentary on experiences at the convention center, not the ISPAN meeting, which is unfortunately beyond our control.

As a result of holding the ISPAN in the host city of the Plastic Surgery Meeting, we are often times unable to negotiate lower hotel rates for our meetings. Cities like Boston and next year in Los Angeles are more expensive areas and we do our best to secure reasonable rates for our attendees but also try to consider proximity to the convention center when possible.

Transportation will be provided from the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel to the convention center this year on Monday only. While ASPS will be providing complimentary shuttle service from the hotel each day it will be limited to mornings and afternoons only. A copy of the shuttle service will be available onsite.

Many times attendees wonder why coffee service isn't provided all day. This is a great question. Why can't all the refreshments stay out and allow for people to come and go at their leisure? In order to provide refreshments throughout the day, we would quite possibly exceed our budget rapidly and not be able to provide these services for future meetings down the road. (Fun fact: Coffee at the Meeting in Boston will be $155 per gallon!) Knowing that the service is limited, we provide a list of times in the brochure that the beverage stations are "open" so attendees can make sure to take advantage of the stations when they are available.

See You Boston!
Once again, we are excited to welcome you to the ISPAN 41st Annual Convention. Please make sure to bring a sweater or pack a warmer jacket as the meeting rooms can get quite chilly in order to ensure consistent temperature throughout the hotel. Our staff from the National Office will make every effort to ensure your experience at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront is a great one.

41st Annual Convention
October 16-19, 2015
The Renaissance Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts

500 Cummings Center
Suite 4550
Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: 877-337-9315
Fax: 978-524-0461

Lindsay De Santis
Executive Director
Crystal Beatrice
Meeting Manager
Amy Nolfi
Meeting Coordinator
Nicole Pinkham
Tina McIssac
Exhibit Manager
Ardeth Arman
Michelle Austin
Ashleigh Biggs-McGee
Julia Denise Branch
Alice Brown
Holly Brown-Burns
Kathryn Chafizadeh
Susan Collins
Susan Conner
Andrea Crane
Sharon Dellose
Rachelle Dess
Rachel Doyle
Detra Ellis
Jill Erickson
Nicholas Faoro
Melissa Hagelgans
Tarah Heath
Rachel Imperato
Kristie Johnson
Sara Kubik
Jillian Lanning
Jami Larsen
Maria Losito
Angela Main
Melissa Manning
Ashton Meyer
Lori Pentlicki
Lori Phoenix
Daryl Piserchio
Kelli Rix
Dee Russo-Sorbello
Judy Sanders
Jane Scher
Angela Smith
Mackensey Snyder
Mae Parker Sparrow
Alyssa Titlow
Jennifer White

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