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July - August, 2015
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!

Your ISPAN President and Board of Directors continue to be actively working to enhance and promote the growth of our professional community. There is much excitement and exhilaration in the air concerning ISPAN and is a pleasure to witness first hand with the Board members. Changes are coming and change is exciting. Our annual conference is fast approaching. The program is packed with many fun filled activities and learning opportunities in hopes to cultivate the same excitement and exhilaration among the membership. Our theme this year is "Plastic Surgical Nurses. Strong voices: Impacting lives and making a difference." We are strong voices but stronger collectively as our professional community of ISPAN. Be a member and be a voice.

Impact is key to this theme. We know we have impact on our patients, colleagues, families, friends and even strangers. I'm not talking about the definition "to strike forcefully" that some of us have to think about all too often with the trauma patients we see. But rather I am talking about the definition of impact that reads: to have a direct effect on or impress, influence or touch (http://www.meriam – I want to explore the impact ISPAN can have on you as a plastic surgical nurse. I have experienced some, if not most of these, myself and know the impact on one individually can be powerful. By doing this, I hope to instill curiosity and adventure and see if ISPAN can do some of the same things for you, if not already.

Human beings, nurses are no exception, have a tendency to congregate, talk amongst each other and advocate for their cause (Matthews, 2012). Plastic surgical nursing is our cause and congregating with our colleagues can certainly have an impact on us professionally as practicing nurses as well as an impact on the quality of patient care we provide. Our plastic surgical nursing founders recognized this need to congregate with our fellow colleagues and established the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses in 1975 for the purpose of continuing education in our specialty. Our founders had vision because during that time there were societal changes and increased demands on the nursing profession with regulations and licensure that continuing education in chosen nursing specialties became standard for competency and continued licensure. To meet these needs, many specialty nursing organizations immerged and plastic surgical nursing was no exception. I can’t get specific plastic surgical nursing content for continuing education from any other organization or conference that I may belong to or attend. I can’t congregate and discuss practice issues with my plastic surgical nursing colleagues as a member of any other organization or attendee of any other conference. The continuing education and colleague contact that I obtain as a member of ISPAN impacts my nursing practice on a daily basis.

Specialty professional organizations were created by nurses for nurses to articulate nursing values, integrity, practice, social policy, and demonstrate advocacy and self-regulation of the profession (Matthews, 2012). The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the recognized professional organization representing nurses in all specialties but the ANA solicits and coordinates ideas from individual nursing specialties and associations and deliberates regarding ideas and issues pertinent to nursing. The ISPAN has contributed to such deliberations on more than one occasion. This has impressed me as a nurse that what we collectively think as a specialty can have influence on the profession and the care we provide.

The Code of Ethics asserts values and commitment to excellence for patients, society, and nurses individually and collectively and is one of the guiding frameworks for the ANA decisions and policy support (Matthews, 2012). The ISPAN has core values that guide our specialty practice: nurture, unite, respect, support and educate (NURSE) ( The ISPAN also asserts to the values of the Code of Ethics as demonstrated in the core values. The organization is committed to promoting these values within the specialty of plastic surgical nursing. These values have a true and sincere influence on me as a nurse, individual, leader, mentor and educator. I am proud to be a member of such an organization that has set high standards and values within the specialty. What a positive influence to all of us as practicing plastic surgical nurses.

The ISPAN disseminates professional knowledge with our publications. Having these publications has allowed me to improve and refine my writing skills and share my knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues. In addition, being a reviewer for the journal has impacted me as a nursing professor in providing positive feedback to my students. Not sure my students appreciate it. This may be a good place for you to start experiencing the impact of ISPAN.

We all have more than likely experienced burnout within our profession and may have from time to time thought about other careers, including myself. ISPAN has kept and continues to keep me rejuvenated and enthusiastic about my chosen specialty. It keeps me interested. I am always excited and eager after attending an ISPAN conference and return home with ideas and interventions that I am eager to try. The lasting friendships you acquire are worth mentioning and acknowledging and have had a major impact on me personally and professionally.

Last but not least, ISPAN has allowed me to nurture and grow my leadership qualities and abilities. This has had a major impact on my as a person in building self-esteem, confidence, and commitment. There was not a better place to enhance those qualities than within my professional community of ISPAN. I received support and the mentoring that I needed to succeed. You may experience similar impact of ISPAN as a leader by volunteering to serve on a committee or running for an office.

ISPAN can have major impacts on you as an individual both professionally and personally. If you have already experienced the impact, please continue to do so. For those of you that have not yet experienced it, you don’t know what you’re missing. Plastic Surgical Nurses. Strong voices: Impacting lives and making a difference. Let ISPAN impact you and make a difference to you both professionally and personally.

Respectfully submitted

President, AASPSN

Matthews, J. (2012). Role of professional organizations in advocating for the nursing profession.
OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 17 (1), Manuscript 3. DO1: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol17No01Man03

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