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July - August, 2015
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Amanda Bailey, ACNP-BC, CWS, CPSN

The time of year where our society turns concern toward breath health is approaching. October is breast cancer awareness month. Everywhere you look, there is pink. Pink ribbons, pink football jerseys, pink hats, pink shirts, pink themed marathons, pink, pink, pink... PINK! All the pink is an effort to educate the public about screening for breast cancer and early detection and treatment of breast cancer. I want to focus on the screening and early detection.

Did you know when breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5 year survival rate is 100% (American Cancer Society).

The method for screening and early detection is the mammogram. A mammogram is an xray of the breast. When there are no signs and symptoms of breast cancer, a screening mammogram starting at 40 for a woman is recommended. Once a lump or other symptom of breast cancer is detected, a diagnostic mammogram is warranted. The difference between a screening mammogram and a diagnostic one is the number and views of xrays utilized. During diagnostic mammograms, portions of breast tissue can be magnified to aid in visualization of tissue and diagnosis.

Fortunately, most insurance covers mammograms for women aged 40 and over and even some insurance companies will cover mammograms starting at age 35. For those without insurance, state and local health care programs and some employers provide mammograms for free.

Chances are you know a woman, are related to a woman, or work with a woman who hasn't had a mammogram and SHOULD. That woman may even be you. Start a conversation about breast health and mammograms with a woman you know today.

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