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July - August, 2015
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Dr. Josephine Polich

This article was excerpted from the continuing education series from Cearna Aesthtics presented by Dr. Josephine Polich, former president of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical Association and adjunct professor of homeopathy at NUHS.

Homeopathic Potencies Explained
Homeopathic potencies are completely different from conventional or herbal dosages. Both potencies and the procedure of manufacture of homeopathic remedies is controlled by the FDA by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), a sister document to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) which regulates standard drugs. The FDA also requires products to be clearly labeled as homeopathic. If a product label does not state homeopathic, then it is herbal.

The chart below gives the potencies as established in the HPUS in order of increasing potency. You will find the potency listed on the label as required by the FDA. I recommend 10M or 50M for any aesthetic procedure, oral or topical. However, 1M is far better than 30C, 6C, or 6X potency.

Homeopathic Efficacy:
There is a lack of research on the parameters that affect the efficacy of homeopathy remedies primarily due to a lack of funding. The bruise test is the only known method that evaluates efficacy of homeopathic arnica; however, we are in the infancy of conducting research.

There are two primary ways to increase homeopathic efficacy:

  1. Increase the potency
  2. Increase the time of administration, either oral or topical

In addition to increasing potency, the time of application is of critical importance. The most surprising aspect of my original work was how dramatically increasing the application time affected the efficacy. This was unexpected based on my homeopathic training. A possible explanation is that the homeopathic remedies are quickly metabolized; therefore, there is a need to maintain a continuous administration. More research needs to be done to understand this phenomenon further. However, this explains the odd administration technique pioneered by the founder of homoepathy Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, which required slowly dissolving pellets under the tongue. Slowly dissolving the pellets increases the application time of pellets compared to swallowing them. In addition, increasing the frequency of the oral dosage will also increase the efficacy. Oral doses can be given as often as once per hour. For gels, the time is application is the duration the gel remains on the skin, unabsorbed. For surgical procedures, it is recommended to leave the gel unabsorbed on the skin continuously for 48 hours. For dermal fillers, 15 minutes-6 hours continuously and then overnight is recommended.

Localized applications also improve the results of treatment. However, it is believed that potency and application time are larger factors.

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