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March - April, 2014
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses


Sue Kunz, BS, RN, CPSN

Happy Nurses Week! Celebrate your achievements, take time to reflect on all that you do for your patients, and be proud of who you are and what you do!

President-elect Marcia Spear represented ISPAN at the National Student Nurses' Association Convention in Nashville March 9-12. Marcia presented twice during the focus sessions detailing the field of Plastic Surgery, there were approximately 150-200 attendees in each session with 3,000 attendees at the conference. More


Amanda Bailey, ACNP-BC, CWS, CPSN

With the weather improving, more people are spending time outside. Parents flood the walking paths with their children in tow. On one of my recent walks, I noticed a trend. Parents wear all sorts of sun protection including hats and sunglasses while their young children surprisingly had none. Over and over again, I witnessed infants and toddlers squinting in the sun. Last year, I wrote a newsletter article on sunscreen and keeping your skin safe. More


Nancy Radoslovich, RN, MA, CPSN
SSPC Chair

Convention planning continues in full force. The SSPC has been hard at work and is putting the finishing touches on a cutting edge, stimulating program for the 40th anniversary meeting in Chicago. They have searched diligently to find and secure the leading experts in our field, to deliver a high quality, diverse program and to provide all attendees with as many CEU 's as possible. A sneak preview includes talks on reconstructive breast surgery, cosmetic otoplasty, ethics,and head and neck microsurgery. More

Christine Brajkovich, RNFA, CPSN
PSNCB Treasurer

As we come off of what has been a brutal winter for most of us, can we say Happy Spring yet? If the weather has gotten you down, let the prospect of becoming certified raise you up!!

Certification provides professional recognition of the Plastic Surgery Nurse and the Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for their high level of skill and knowledge. More


Haley Wood, RN, WHNP, CPSN, CANS

How relevant are you? Are you privy to the latest trends? Do you stay connected to social media sites discussing cosmetic procedures? How do you touch each patient or potential client when they are not in the office undergoing treatment?

The revolution of patient education is changing. Patient brochures in your office about facelifts, injectables or lasers are easy and convenient but do they book appointments? Meaning, how effecient is that brochure is securing a procedure? More



The call for nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors Elections is NOW OPEN. We want YOU to get involved and help to shape the future of the premier Society for plastic surgical nurses! If you are passionate about your job and this specialty we urge you to become a leader and make your voice heard.

The ISPAN Nominating Committee will review every application with the goal of developing a qualified slate of candidates comprised of individuals representing a variety of geographical locations, practice settings, and educational levels. More


Dear Miss Adventures,

I had a patient come into the clinic recently with some crazy ideas about Botox. I asked her where she got her information and she said, "The Internet". This isn't the first time I have had patient misinformed about a health care matter because of their own research efforts. When I search the internet, I get information that is far more reliable. How can I explain to them the difference between the type of search they are conducting and mine? It's as if they don't believe me when I say their information is inaccurate! Why do patients rely on the Internet when they can just come to the office for a consult?

Puzzled by Patients More

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