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May - June, 2012
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Sharon Fritzsche, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CPSN

If you weren't at the Aesthetic Symposium in Vancouver, you missed a wonderful meeting and great time to network. Sincere thanks goes to one of ISPAN's former board members, Marcia Spear for heading up this great meeting! The final touches are being added to our Scientific Sessions Program in New Orleans which takes place in October. This meeting will offer something for all plastic surgery nurses. Please plan to attend. More


Georgia Elmassian, M.A., R.N., C.P.S.N., C.F.L.E.
Program Director, ISPAN National Convention and Scientific Sessions Chair

This year's National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana promises to bring many plastic surgery nurses together to observe our commonalities and share our knowledge. As well, the convention will once again participate in the compassionate ISPAN tradition of altruistic support and tribute the host state with the "The ISPAN Pay It Forward Campaign." More


Susan Lamp, BSN, RN, CPSN
Director and ASPSNews Editor

May is skin cancer awareness month. The concern by health care providers and researchers continue to be expressed about the risks that many persons are taking by continuing the practice of tanning, both outdoors and in tanning beds. More


ISPAN is now 1070 strong! That's about a 15% percent increase over the last year and we are growing month by month!!! The membership committee is always looking for new recruitment ideas. Please email the Chairperson Nancy Radoslovich with ideas or suggestions. A robust, energized, talented society benefits all members and our patients. More


March 09, 2012

Santa Barbara, CA — Today, Sientra announced that it has received FDA approval of its portfolio of Silimed-brand silicone breast implants.

"We are elated to receive FDA approval of our flagship portfolio of silicone breast implants," said Hani Zeini, founder and chief executive officer of Sientra. "This represents two significant milestones. Namely, for the first time in 20 years, Sientra has successfully broken the existing duopoly in the U.S. by offering surgeons and patients a new choice. And today, Sientra becomes the first and only company in the U.S. to provide a full portfolio of commercially-available breast implants, including shaped implants in addition to standard round implants." More


This year there will be two Director Positions open as well as the offices of President-Elect and Treasurer. ISPAN is looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. Make your voice heard! We urge you to get involved! More


ISPAN is looking for individuals who exemplify commitment, compassion, innovation, and dedication to their chosen field of plastic surgical nursing. Has someone in your practice arena offered a significant contribution to the care of patients? Has he/she thought of an innovative solution to a problem that has plagued your practice setting? Did the compassion or commitment given to a particular patient really make a difference in that patient's care experience? If you know someone who fits one of these descriptions or if you know someone who exemplifies professionalism, ISPAN wants to know. More


Jo Ann Garofalo, RN, CPSN
Director, PSNCB

Recertification Refresher

For those of you who have successfully achieved the status of CPSN, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the steps necessary to maintain your certification. More


Nancy Radoslovich, RN, CPSN

Many plastic surgery procedures are performed utilizing some form of local anesthesia (LA) for wound infiltration. Local anesthetics block the transmission of nerve impulses. They produce lack of sensation where injected,thus enabling the patient to undergo a procedure pain free. In our office, we use it alone, or in conjunction with sedation or MAC anesthesia. More


Dear Miss Adventures,

Since I work in a plastic surgery office, it isn't unusual for my friends to ask me for a "favor". Some want to know if they can slip into our office and have "this or that" removed. Most often, it's a lesion on the face or shoulder. The lesions look benign enough, and often my friends say they just don't like the way they look. Sometimes, they look like a patch of dry skin and are itchy. Sometimes they are red raised areas. Others are little more than freckles, or an indistinguishable brown patches. I have to admit, I notice these blemishes on my friends and really don't think much about them, but they often point them out to me and ask what I think. More


Debby Booth, RN, CPSN

Have you ever thought about what you will do with your retirement money? If you have many more years to work you most likely will invest in the stock market to build equity. As a baby boomer with retirement upon me, I've had to search for a retirement vehicle that is safe, provides an income stream, and still allows me control of my money. These three goals have directed me to educate myself on annuities. As the market can be risky and volatile, I don't have the time to recover. More


Challenging Complications in Plastic Surgery: Successful Management Strategies
July 13-14, 2012
Washington, DC

38th Annual Convention
October 26-29, 2012
The Roosevelt Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana

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