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Newsletter November - December, 2011
International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

Sue Kunz, BS, RN, CPSN
President-Elect 2011, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am thankful for many things, my involvement in ISPAN is one of them. As President-Elect I am ever so thankful for the leadership and guidance from Sharon, our President and for PRRI our new management firm. My hat is off to the staff at PRRI! For those of you that were able to attend the National Convention in Denver, I am sure that you recognized the "good vibes" and energy in the air with PRRI. They did an awesome job, especially since they came on board in July and helped us put on a spectacular meeting. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you PRRI for your presence and professionalism! More


Vancouver, Canada
MAY 5th and 6th, 2012



Haley Wood, MSN, WHNP, CPSN
Director and ASPSNews Editor

As a new year begins, I am passing the newsletter editor baton over to the previous, well-qualified editor Susan Lamp. I have enjoyed my two years in this position and have accomplished the goal of creating a truly, electronic formatted newsletter! Under the direction of PRRI, our newsletter has become a more robust source of society and speciality news. We are very pleased to bring back a very popular section on a regular basis, Miss Adventures! Our society has a very talented columnist, who will be unnamed per the writerís request. We are very blessed to have her legal and professional advice on solving some of plastic surgery nursesí most cumbersome issues. Thank you, secret writer, for your contributions! More


Dear Miss Adventures,

I am in so much trouble at work! During my lunch break last week, I used a computer in the nursing lounge to access my Facebook account. Once on Facebook, I responded to a friend, let's call her Sally. Sally wrote that her mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer and asked who would I recommend for reconstructive surgery. I felt that I could be perfectly honest with Sally, so I mentioned a number of surgeon's at my hospital and the results of their reconstructive surgery. There was one surgeon in particular I warned against, since that surgeon had such a high complication rate. I guess one of Sallyís friends viewed my comments and she sent that information along to her neighbor. The neighbor had undergone reconstructive surgery with the very surgeon I suggested Sallyís mother avoid. Unfortunately, she was having one of the complications that I described and felt that I was referring to her surgery. More


Welcome to Plastic Surgery Practice Pearls, PSPP, a new column in our newsletter. Each column will be devoted to discussing a Plastic Surgery practice, tip, or innovative procedure. I welcome your comments or suggestions for future columns.

This month, I will present our simplistic approach for the treatment of Hypertension in patients undergoing a facelift at our ambulatory surgical facility. More


Debby Booth, RN, CPSN

I know as we are heading into the Holidays many are tightening up their budgets. Please continue to give yourself the best present ever by renewing your annual membership dues.

ISPAN members receive a number of tangible and non-tangible membership benefits. But do you really know where your annual dues go to?.... More


The exam dates for the 2012 Certified Plastic Surgical Nursing Exam are now available. More

2012 Nominations Information

The 2012 Board of Directors Election Call for Nominations is now open!

This year there will be two Director positions open as well as the offices of President-Elect and Treasurer. ISPAN is looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. If you would like to play an integral roll in shaping the future of the Society, we urge you to get involved!

Download the Call for Nominations form and submit to the National Office. The nomination period will close on June 15, 2012 and elections begin on August 6, 2012.



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