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Today is undoubtedly a different time in medicine, and nothing like any of us have ever seen. With the appearance of a new disease-causing virus and the reality of a pandemic (SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCoV), (American Nurses Association (ANA), 2020; Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 2020) we have entered into a "new normal." More

From the Editor

Kathleen Mortl RN, CPSN, CANS
Editor, The ISPAN Newsletter

To the world, be safe and well. Here are some Facebook finds for you all:


Kailey Mortl & Patrick My daughter and her boy friend graduated from college last spring. Both majored in health and Spanish. They wanted to discover the world through teaching abroad in Spain for a year. They ended up in a small southern Spain town where they are teaching in a rural open concept (chickens in the hallways) school.

Kailey was very in tune to what was happening in Italy last winter and other countries before the news reports got to the US and was telling me daily what was happening. The US was not aware. Many tears were shed on these calls. Here is one of her posts. Please enjoy. More


2020 Annual Meeting

Please "spread the word" and share ISPAN 2020 with your nursing colleagues and friends.

Looking forward to seeing you in San Mateo, CA. October 15-18th 2020

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How are the ISPAN Board and Committees Staying Connected?

Kristi Elliott, RN, FNP-C, CPSN
Secretary - Treasurer

Although COVID-19 has been the main focus for most of us lately, ISPAN continues to work for you. The Educational Program Committee is putting the final touches on an amazing schedule for our fall meeting in San Mateo and housing is open, so be sure to book your accommodations. Watch your email as registration will open soon Donít forget, the Plastic Surgical Nurses Foundation will be offering meeting and testing scholarships as well and those applications will open in mid-May.

On April 17th the ISPAN Board of Directors had our mid-year face to face meeting via Zoom conference. We received updates from our committee chairs and continue to look for new offerings for our members and plan for the future of ISPAN during challenging times.

Our membership engagement committee is doing a great job bringing us together by hosting Zoom socials on Friday nights. They will also begin hosting educational Zoom sessions for new and seasoned members introducing our committees, Board of Directors, along with educational topics. Be sure to check the ISPAN Members-Only Zoom page for updates. We look forward to seeing you online!


Rebecca J. Suess, RN, BSN, CPSN, CANS

Social Media At the time of this submission, many states are still on a Stay at Home order. So how have you been connecting with your clients, patients, staff, or colleagues? If it is not through social media, you are missing an opportunity! According to a survey conducted by Clement (2020), those surveyed stated an anticipated increase in social media platform usage during their time confined at home. 63.7 percent of people believe their usage of YouTube would increase, 62.3% of people felt their usage of Facebook would grow, and 43.1 percent of people thought their Instagram use would increase. More


Pamela Messina, BSN, RN, CPSN, CNOR

We are all aware of the adverse effects of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from local injection site reactions and infection marked by erythema, pain, and bruising to vascular occlusion characterized by intense pain and blanching.1,2 There has been much discussion about these events. Another complication of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is nodule formation. Nodular masses may be either infectious or non-infectious and may be either early or late-onset. Non-inflammatory nodules that occur early are usually due to technical errors such as injecting too superficially, injecting too large a volume, inadequate massage of the product, and lastly, injecting a product into an unintended anatomical location. Nodules present with a localized mass or masses in the area of the injection.1 More


Michele McCullough

Nurses My fellow ISPAN members, I am thinking of you during this COVID-19 pandemic. I hope you are staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. I know many of you have been affected by this virus. As nurses, we are known for our caring presence. It is our responsibility to help calm anxious patients and care for others, but it is more important than ever that we are caring for ourselves. We will get through this, and please know that ISPAN is here for you. Please reach out to us at any time and keep on the lookout for great things happening virtually with our memberships committee. More


ISPAN Immediate Past President

Care We are currently living through an unprecedented global situation. Therefore, the most important question becomes, "Are you taking care of you?" ISPAN wants to know how YOU are doing through all of the COVID-19 life changes. Are you working out? Are you doing yoga? Are you outdoors walking when the weather permits? Are you eating, right? Have you unplugged from the 24-hour news cycle? What is YOUR go-to stress reliever?

Yes, we are all in this together. Furthermore, as we navigate through these uncertain times, ISPAN expresses our concern and support for you and your families. As part of our ISPAN community, you are at the forefront of our minds. More


Leslie Harmon, BSN, RN, CANS, CPSN
PSNCB - Director

Greetings! from the PSNCB. During this heartbreaking and abnormal "new normal" through the COVID -19 pandemic and time of social distancing, it is a great time to work on your recertification applications by getting your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) online. There are many companies offering discounts and even free CEUSs online (ex. PSN Journal and Netscape) during the COVID -19 crisis. More


The Clinical Practice Committee Posted two important Position Statements in the last few weeks!




Thank You In March, The Plastic Surgical Nurses Foundation estatablished the Covid-19 PPE Relief Fund to address the critical need of facemasks and personal protective equipment currently facing our Practice. ISPAN nurses quickly met the call to sew masks at home and even provided instructions for making face shields. The PSNF's newest Covid-19 Relief Fund initiative is "Thank a Front Line Nurse". We know that many ISPAN nurses are working on the front lines to fight Covid-19 while we do our part at home. We want to say "thank you" and what better way than with a yummy treat for the whole family! If you know an ISPAN member working to fight Covid-19, please consider sending them a Thank you!

New Members

Wendy Abraham - Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine
Lehuanani Akau - Allure Laser Med Spa LLC
Jenny Azar - Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta
Elan Bagwill - Urban Med Spa
Tobi Baker-Daigle - New England Skin Center
Kara Barber - Nyp Lower Manhattan
Bethany Bartholomew - Blue Water Spa
Nicole Bauer - Aydin Plastic Surgery
Sarah Beatrice
Sue Bell - Aesthetic Medical
Nithphaphone Bounsing - Austin Oculofacial Plastics
Jamie Brewer - Premier Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics
K. Jenny Brooks - University of Colorado
Nadia Buchko - Advanced Dermatology and Skin Surgery
Michelle Buckley - Weiss ENT/ Rejuvenation Med Spa
Jordanna Burke - Calabasas Med Spa
MaryLynn Burns - Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Cent
Heidi Butz - Heidi Butz NP
Kathryn Chafizadeh - Austin Community College
Katherine Chase - Max Adler dermatology - Joules Medical A
Jennifer Chauvin - Afterglow Medical Innovations
Amy Chiovaro - Amelie Specialized Aesthetics
Jacqueline Cogan - Cleveland Clinic
Barbi Cohen - Genecov Aesthetics and Wellness
Stacy Coleman - Premier Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics
Lauren Conatser - The Body Shoppe: Health & Wellness Center
Jacalyn Connors - The Landells Clinic
Amanda COOK - Synergy Centre Dental & Healthcare
Carrie Cummings - Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery
Julie David - Frank Barone, MD & evolv Medical Aesthetics
Anita Falkenberg - Austin Med Spa
Derek Ferranti - Kassir Plastic Surgery
Shannon Fielding - ANYASolutions, LLC
Eileen Fleer - ALC Medspa
Katyln Forbes - Bluewater Spa
Jessica Gambardella - Esana Plastic Surgery/Aesthetic Medicine
Christina Gasaway - Images Med Spa
lisa gifford - Joli Beautique
Olga Gilman - Lincoln Park Aesthetics
Dominique Girard - clinique Carpe Diem
Lisa Goldsmith - Learn Injecting School of Aesthetics
Laurie Grizzard - Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
Pamela Grossman - Facial Aesthetics
Carleen Gust - Aesthetic Center of Plastic Surgery
Jamie Hale - Newman MD Plastic Surgery
Ashley Harper - Blue Water Spa/Michael Law MD
Jessica Harris - Little Rock Plastic Surgery
Mandy Haug - The Vanity Bar
Kathryn Hawkins - Kathryn Hawkins R.N.,BSN
Christy Hennigan - McGuiness Dermatology
Kas Hollingsworth - Renaissance Skin Care
Lori Hubbell - Mount Sopris Plastic Surgery @ Valley View Hospital
Paula Inboden - Eden Medical Spa
Katherine Jillson - Beautifeye Clinic
Kristie Johnson
Sarah Kinsley - Carilion Clinic
Tracy Kwan - Stanford Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Brigitte Lacic - Richmond Surgical Arts, Inc
Katey LaPlante - Oceanside Aesthetics and Wellness
Laurie Ann LeComte - Aspire Dermatology
Rachel Lind - Belcara Health
Jalie Lipa - Revive and Refresh LLC
Christina Lopp - 153 East Main Street
Robin Mallaro - Remedy Aesthetics & Wellness
Tara McDermott - Neaman Plastic Surgery
adam Meade - Derm One
Sara Molsbee - Rejuvenation Clinic Day Spa
Kelly Morgan - The Esthetics Center
Dawn Mougel - A New Dawn Wellness Center
Larissa Murtaugh - Derma Medical Spa
Tiffany Neverdon - Remedy by Skin Aesthetica
Carmen Noonan - Refreshed Beauty
Janice Norville - Star Plastic Surgery
Sandra Odenheimer - Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Adissuda Padmasuta - Skin Spirit
Drew Paulsen - BodyBrite
Tracy Phan - True You Medical Aesthetic
Amelia Phillips - G & G Aesthetic and Wellness Center
Marie-Ellen Pitre - Victoria Park Medispa
Soo Poon - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Julie Quinn - Evaluer Medspa
Kelli Rivera - Medical Spa
Isabella Robisheaux - Caremount medical
Toni Ryan - Euro Med Spa
Toni Ryan - Euro Med Spa
Christine Salandra - Reviva Beauty
Katie Saliman - Skin Thesis
Alexandra Santilli - Medical Aesthetics Associates
Vanessa Schindler - Drip Doctors
Jennifer Sholtis - Cosmetic Center by VIVA
Lara Simondi - Infinite Beauty Lounge, LLC
Breann Sims - N/A
Melanie Stepka - Radiance Medspa
Sheila Surdu - Gerrish MedEsthetics
mary Tatar - Dr. Schuster & Dr. Schreiber Pastic Surgery
Natasha Taylor - Renew Beauty Med Spa
Emma Ubbelohde - The Dermatology Center
Melinda Love Valera - University of Illinois Medical Center
Erica Van Egdom - Image Plastic Surgery
Stephanie Wade - Carilion Clinic Plastic Surgery
Imelda Wallace - Vital Health and Wellness Med Spa
Jessica Wallace - Apex Medical Skin and Aesthetics
Lori Whitnell - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Sandra Woo - Sole Proprietor