A Message from the President

Georgia Elmassian, MSN, MA, APRN, CPSN, CFLE, ISPAN President Now that “summer” is officially upon us, and our kids are on summer break from school, most of our thoughts are focused on a less stringent schedule and lazier fun-filled days. However, while this may be true for some, the ISPAN community has been diligent at work expanding the ISPAN vision. Succinctly, the following committee work highlights have occurred over the past month:

Clinical Practice Committee (CPC):
  • Submitted ISPAN position statement on “Distractions in the OR."
  • Submitted Political Advocacy position statement.
  • Currently has Tissue Expander protocol-work in progress.
Committee on Communications (COC):
  • Created Instagram account: ISPAN1975
  • Branded hashtag: #ISPAN17
  • Established a Social Media “post” schedule
  • Will designate Social Media Ambassadors for national meeting
  • Will implement a Step & Repeat platform for Speakers as they come off the dais at the fall meeting

Scientific Sessions Planning Committee:

The SSPC has finalized the 2017 Convention education program, offering a wide array of classes and workshops looking to attract both novices and experts. It is balanced between aesthetics and reconstruction topics. The following is a general overview of the October program:

  • Preconvention aesthetic and reconstructive workshops/CANS and CPSN exam review – Thursday
  • Opening ceremonies – Friday
  • General aesthetic AND recon topics - Friday
  • President’s Welcome and Recognition Reception - Friday
  • Aesthetic Day – Saturday
  • Networking Social Hour - Saturday
  • Recon Day – Sunday
  • Novice Injector Workshop – Sunday
  • General Suture Workshop - Monday
  • CPSN and CANS exams – Monday
  • Pay it Forward project: - The NE Florida Cleft Lip & Palate Foundation

As you can readily see from each of the committees’ succinct overview, your ISPAN colleagues have been busy cultivating a society reflective of our vision and have inspired action that pulls in ideas, people and resources. Each ISPAN Committee member has continually persisted to give their best in which to create the energy and will to make change happen. They have inspired each other to commit to the who, what, and why of ISPAN.

In closing, I ask you: What can ISPAN do to make your society relevant for YOU????

Remember: The ISPAN IS THE Definitive Voice for Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing! State it and Believe it!

Quote of the Month: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.
~Benjamin Franklin

Warmest regards,
Georgia Elmassian
ISPAN President
ISPAN – The Definitive Voice for Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing