Group Membership

ISPAN membership is comprised of both Individual and Group members. Individual and Group membership are interrelated in that Regular individual membership requires membership of that individual's associated office/practice, and the group membership requires the association of at least one Regular individual member. Group members must be willing to support ongoing initiatives sponsored by the Society by the payment of annual group dues.

Regular membership is available to registered nurses with current licensure to practice and who are currently employed or are interested in plastic surgical nursing.

  • Regular members shall receive all active membership benefits and may:
    • Attend all membership meetings
    • Vote
    • Hold office (national and local)
    • Serve on the Board of Directors, as a Committee chairperson, or as a Committee member

  • Regular members may advance to Retired status at the age of 65 for a reduced membership rate

30% off each individual Regular membership
30% off the regular full convention rate for each individual Annual Convention registration

Three (3) or more Regular Members from the same office/practice must complete this form One member must be designated as the Primary Contact Office/practice must pay for group membership together

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