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The Plastic Surgical Nurses Foundation was created and operated by the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses to oversee research and education. The mission of the PSNF is to foster the professional growth of plastic and aesthetic nursing by raising and disseminating funding for educational and research activities to further advance the care of our patients. The PSNF is committed its vision of being the leader in overseeing research and education in plastic and aesthetic nursing.


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PSNF Grant/Scholarship Application
The PSNF is dedicated to supporting collaboration and practice excellence among nurses who share the passion and specialized knowledge for plastic surgery. Over the past four decades, the ISPAN has continued to evolve and provide continuing education, research opportunities, international recognition, and professional camaraderie for plastic and aesthetic nurses. In an effort to strengthen the position and the voice for plastic and aesthetic nursing, the ISPAN realizes the importance of specialty recognition. The PSNF has developed a grant program for continuing education.
The PSNF will be accepting Grant and Scholarship Applications beginning in early April.

Make an Investment in Plastic Surgical Nursing Education!

For every $25 or more donation to the PSNF receive an ISPAN Society pin.

The PSNF is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to support education within our specialty.

The International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses would like to thank the following donors for their support of the Plastic Surgical Nurses Foundation:

$2500 +
$1000 - $2499
$500 - $999
Georgia Elmassian Connie Brennan
LuAnn Buchholz
Marilyn Cassetta
Tracey Hotta
Sue Kunz
Marcia Spear
Barbara Weber
Kristi Elliott
Sharon Fritzsche
Joanne Gladfelter
Claudette Heddens
Ajia Holt
$100 - $499
Christine Adams
Amanda Bailey
George Baxter-Holder
Christine Brajkovich
Carolyn Brown
Robin Burgess
Paula Lynn Cunningham
Alyssa D'Arcy
Susan Davis
Linda Duffy
Sonya Ellis
Jacqueline Frazee
Laura Galvan
Stephanie Garza
Jill Jones
Susan Lamp
Susan MacPherson
Kathleen Mortl
Gerrie Obi
Rand Rusher
Pamala Silvers
Eileen Slutsky
Paulette Deyo Stohlmann
Hermine Warren
Karen Winn
$99 and below
Teresa Barroca
Libby Bauman
Jessica Biddy
Brenda Boller
Debby Booth
Phillipe Carlon
Kim Clonts
Alysia Cone
Melinda Cornelius
Heather Correa
Marcy Dienno
Luciana Freitas
Maria Gagliardi
Jo Ann Garofalo
Catherine Gobeil
Lisa Griffin
Renee Hinojosa
Tiffany Houser
Julie Kaplan
T. Nicole Kelley
Jessica Lundgren
Karla Malaney
Patricia McKaige
Sheila McNally
Shelly Moran
Colleen Moritz
Jeri Anne Murray
Mayra Olivos
Deborah Rapuano
Kelsey Schenecker
Allison Schultz
Charles Small
Kathleen Soso
Grace Sozio